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Coquille Garden

749  N.  Central Boulevard      Coquille,     Oregon 

(541)  396 - 1766

“A complete nursery in Coquille for your garden”

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We are located on the Central Boulevard next to a motel in the town. The Central Boulevard is the major thoroughfare in the town connecting one end and other end onto the Highway 42. A large convenient parking is provided at the front of the store.  In the office, every chemical and plant food for your plant need is on a display. In the plant section, the boardwalk is provided to view an entire selections of plants. In time, surplus displays of striking hanging baskets are on display.  Whether your are on a mission to locate a plant for landscaping or on just a stroll, come in and saunter on the boardwalk and enjoy.

The items we stock at the store are:

Hand tools for digging, clipping, and pruning

Potteries of ceramic and plastic and containers of colorful potted plants

Garden chemicals of organic and inorganic for controlling insects, fungus, and vegetation

Fertilizer of organic and inorganic for vegetable plants, lawns, and for a garden in general

Selections of landscape shrubs and trees of evergreen and deciduous

Colorful hanging baskets for sun or shaded patios

Selections of spring and fall vegetable starts

Wide selection of annual bedding plants and perennials

Quality dog and cat food: taste or the wild, canidae, nutro, and dimond

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The Property For Sale

Are you thinking of relocating to the Pacific Northwest to a self employment?                                                                                                              A commercial property of a level half acre with improvements is for sale in a quaint town of Coquille, Oregon. It is now an established profitable retail nursery. The property can be used for other businesses, add additional operations to it, or continue as a turnkey operation. There are ample of room for possibilities.                                                                                                                                                                                                           The history of the nursery operation:                                                                                                                                                                         The shop started in September 2001 in an another location with two large buildings and not much space for displaying outdoor plants. We operated there for eight and half years while looking for a larger ground to a full retail nursery. Four years ago we fund a half acre lot with weeds and pile of junks. The lot was empty for over forty years, and the front half of the lot was used for parking u-hall trucks few years prior our purchase. The parking of u-hall trucks worked out to be advantageous with packed gravel when came a time to build a large parking in the front.                        With many improvements, this lot is now an established profitable nursery with a newly built office for displaying garden chemicals and fertilizers.  The lot is completed with cedar fencing, large paved parking, cedar walk way, green house, storage building, tables for bedding plant displays and potteries, and cedar pergola for displaying hanging baskets. The open space of walking area where shrubs are displayed is all graveled for clean walking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     When we purchased the lot and to improve it, we had a plan to operate the nursery for at least another ten years before retiring, but with an unexpected recent occurrence, we are affected to retire much earlier.                                                                                                                        If possible, we are hopping for a person to takeover the operation as is, but as of now the price is established for the land only, and if anyone wants to takeover it as the business, the inventory can be additional.  If the purchaser is not familiar with the nursery operation, we can teach for a certain time.

If this lot is interesting to you, contact the following agent:

   Century 21                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mr. Jeff Krall                                                                                                                                                                                                           Phone    1 541 572-2121                                                                                                                                                                                         Mobile   1 541 294-0069


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