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Coquille is a unique place in the southwestern pocket of Oregon with the most ideal climate for enduring colors from annuals and perennials. The protected valley away from the strong coastal winds and the year around mild temperatures making it the most favorable place for color gardening. For those are visiting here in the summer, you will be presented with the colorful sidewalk planters and the dazzling hanging baskets displayed throughout the town.                                                                            

749 N. Central Blvd. Coquille

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Amongst the many annuals we grew last year,  the most striking was the “madame butterfly” snapdragons. They grew to about 3 feet tall with vibrant colors and with different fragrance in each of them. When most of annuals and perennials had stopped blooming by November, these snaps were still in bloom, and they were still producing new shoots to provide us with more colors well into December.

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annual 1402

annual flowers

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annual 1902


some of the annuals seen around Coquille

annual 202

These are some of the annuals available in Coquille. There are more varieties in each of listed plants below, which are not shown. As more choices become available from the growers, we will photograph and add them. 


annual 103


sun to semi shade.           10 - 12” high.  soft puffs of blue flowers. use for borders and in pots. mix  it with yellow marigold for color contrast.

annual 20


sun to partial sun. red color salvia grow to 15” tall and blue grow to 20” or more.  plant them as accent or as mass planting. the red salvia is truly bright red.

annual 2


sun  to partial sun.             yellow or orange large flowers.   self seed easily.  flowers from early spring to to late summer.  it could grow to 12 by 12 inches

annual 21


full sun.  small dense flowers of yellow or orange, can be great for hanging basket or in pots. great for fore ground colors to cover base of  tall plantings in back.

annual 302


sun to partial shade.  some to 2 ft.. and others to 3 to 4 ft tall. large light pink or white flowers make excellent cut flowers. plant them as wild flower.

annual 22


sun to partial sun.  most popular bedding plant with flowers lasting all year.  excellent as cut flowers.      from 10” to as tall to 3 ft.  often come back next year

annual 4


very popular flower use for cut flowers. large soft pastel colors of pink and white.  grow them in sun or part shade. some are short to  12” and others to 4 feet. 

annual 23


semi shade to full sun.  fragrant flower making excellent cut flowers. mostly of pink, white, lavender, and red. great for planting in patio pots with 15” high.

annual 5


plant in sun.        10 to 12” tall. flowers of many colors good boarder plants.            excellent as potted plants. many come back following year.  

annual 24

sweet pea

full sun.    most are very fragrant making great for cut flowers on table.  pink, white, red, and pastel colors.  decorating up to 4 ft. on trellis.

annual 702


full sun and well drain soil.  bright warm daisy flowers of many colors.     grows to 8” tall, making excellent ground cover. plant them in fore ground of mass planting.

annual 25


full sun to hot sun.          fragrant flowers of ground covering 6 to 8” high.    used on hanging baskets that bloom all summer. makes good ground covers.

annual 8


semi shade to morning sun. in Coquille, could be grown in full sun. 10 “. tall.  many dazzling colors. must be kept moist.     excellent in pots or in baskets.

annual 26


full sun with good drainage. white, pink, and red to 15 in. high.  often used as mass planting or in pots for patio decorations. can be self seeding.

annual 9


sun to partial sun.  most     popular ground covering flowers for summer 6 “tall.  dark and light blue, white, and rose colors. good as boarder plant.

annual 27


sun to partial sun.  like pansies, they like mild temperature. making them  great colorful plants for Coquille area. 10” high.  often act like perennials.

annual 10


full sun to semi shade.        many warm colors that last through summer.      10 to 18 “ high.  plant them as border or mass planting as accent to the yard.

annual 28


must have full sun.    hot sun is better. 10”  to  3 ft. tall.  many colors for summer gardens makes great cut flowers.     short zinnias can be in baskets 

annual 11


sun to partial sun.              some time called monkey flower.      makes colorful low growing ground cover.    grows  to 12” high and spreads 24”. keep moist.

annual 12


sun to partial sun.              mix of many warm colors of flowers that are edible. some to 12” high and runs but other can grow much taller and climb.

annual 13


mostly in sun but can take partial shade. 12” or taller. bright colors that bloom all summer till cold. some have fragrance. attractive in mass planting.

annual 14


sun to partial sun.              in coquille, blooms all year. likes mild temperature. plant them early fall while still warm to establish color for winter.  keep evenly moist.

picture 046

This color spot was planted for the Coquille Garden Tour.  At a time of tour, because of unusual cool season, some were not in bloom.  The wave petunias in the fore ground were used as a ground cover. Several different colors of geranium in the mid point of interest of 15 inches high, and at the far back, the gauras of 42 inches tall were planted, but they were not in bloomed by the tour Later the gauras bloomed and provided us with the dancing colors of white and pink all through the summer and into the fall.      

annual 15


sun and semi shade.  great for hanging baskets. excellent as potted.  also great for covering large area with multiple colors. last all summer with many colors.   

annual 16


full sun and likes warm.       provide good drainage. color mostly of orange of california poppy.   grows to 13” high. self seeding where area stays dry in the winter.

annual 17


full sun and will drain soil.    grow to  5 “ high with many colors of  small rose like flowers of 2” diameter. sold as moss rose, excellent with taller marigolds.

product 91


plant them in cool location. plants become available in the fall or very early spring. dark large green leaves with  multiple of vibrant colors of flowers.  

annual 19


sun to partial sun.  grow to 15 in high. trumpet flowers of striking multiple colors.  the colorful vein on the pedals of flowers makes interesting.

In an addition to the annuals listed above and by going to our grower’s website, if you have found a particular annual that you liked on their lists, we can special order it for you if the grower has it ready to ship. Let us know at the store, or call us at  1-541-396-1766.

The website to our grower for looking up for more annuals is:

[coquille garden] [annuals for garden] [perennials for garden] [vegetable starts]